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Monthly meeting 2019 


Wednesday 16 January 2019 Lauren Milden, Public Health Policy          

                       Coordinator, Cambridge Institute of Public Health

‘Policy – how can I get involved?’


Wednesday 20 February Prof Julie Sanders BSc (Hon), RGN, MSc, PhD                                            Director Clinical Research, Quality and                                                          Innovation, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Professor                                          Cardiovascular Nursing,  William Harvey                                                        Research Institute, QMUL. Professor Sanders                                              will speak about the work she has been doing                                                increasing resarch capacity and capability at St                                            Barts Hospital. 


Wednesday 20 March  Prof Maria Ela Atienza,  Departmental Chair,                                                 Department of Political Science, University of the                                         Philippines Diliman in Manila "The State of Health                                         in the Philippines: Problems of the Health System,                                       Health Workers' Migration and Health Security of                                           the People". 


Wednesday 19th June CNiR Annual Meeting 


Wednesday 17th July Angela Thompson MBE, Director of Nursing and                                            Deputy Regional Chief Nurse for NHS Improvement 

                                    The role of NHS Improvement and evidence based                                       practice. 





Monthly Meetings 2018


12.30 - 13.30 - 3rd Wednesday of each month

Seminar Room Hershel Smith Building

(see link to left for map)


Wednesday 17 January

 Frances Early , Research and Evaluation Lead,

 Centre for Self-Management Support, Addenbrooke's

 Learning to Manage Breathlessness: will it be hard work?


Wednesday 21 February

 N.B. different venue: Small seminar room

 Cambridge Institute of Public Health (also on the Forvie Site)

 Peter Hartley, physiotherapist and PhD student

 Hospital associated functional decline - pilot studies of 

 physical activity measurement towards doctoral research


Wednesday 14 March

 N.B. different week: 2nd not 3rd Wednesday, but usual venue


Wednesday 18 April

 N.B. different venue: Small seminar room

 Cambridge Institute of Public Health (also on the Forvie Site)

 Jane Fleming, The Public Health of Ageing Research Unit,

 Cambridge Institute of Public Health

 Case-finding for dementia during acute hospital 

 admissions: impacts on care after discharge


Wednesday 16 May

                         Maria Martin-Saez, Lead Occupational Therapist, Stroke                              and Neuro Rehab

                                Using a software application to support patients and                                     clinicians in the discharge planning process 


Wednesday 20 June

Ben Bowers, Clinical Resarch Nurse, IPH Fellow

                        Anticipatory prescribing in community end of life care-                                   investigating current practice and patient, family carer and                           healthcare professionals' perspectives



Wednesday 18 July

Faye Forsyth, Clinical Research Development Nurse

Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction: What should be the focus of nurse research in a controversial condition that lacks an evidence base for managememt?




........................ August

 No meeting


Wednesday 19 September

Professor Andree Le-May

Writing for Publication 


Wednesday 17 October


Wednesday 21 November Sue Boase

Where an interest in qualitative research can lead.

Sue  will talk about her recent involvement in the writing of a newly published book: ‘Nursing through the years: Care and compassion at The Royal London Hospital’, an oral history, by Loretta Bellman, Sue Boase, Sarah Rogers and Barbara Stuchfield.


........................ December

 No meeting





Monthly meetings 2017


January 11              Peter Hartley, Addenbrooke's Dept. of Medicine for the Elderly

                                 lead physiotherapist and Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust/          

                                 Biomedical Research Centre funded fellow (ACT/BRC fellowships

                                 for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals):

                                 Hospital associated functional decline


February 8               Dr Giles Yeo, Director of Genomics/Transcriptomics

                                  Metabolic Research Laboratories and

                                  MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit, University of Cambridge 

                                  Public Engagement with Research


March 15                  Dr Ian Wellwood, Clinical Nursing Research Group

                                  Workshop Preparing a Poster


April 19                     N.B. VENUE CHANGE: Cambridge Institute of Public Health,

                                  Large Seminar Room - Forvie Site, Robinson Way, CB2 0SR 


                                  Diana Day, Stroke consultant nurse, Addenbrooke's Hospital:

                                  Fluid intake in hyperacute stroke - plans for a PhD study

                                  Dr Ian Wellwood, Senior Research Associate, Clinical Nursing

                                  Research Group: Preparing an abstract for a conference


May 17                       Anna Ellis, Addenbrooke's Patient Panel Coordinator and 

                                   Joann Leeding, Cambridge University Health Partners

                                   Communications and PPI Strategic Lead

                                   Patient and Public Involvement in Research



June 21                     Lynsey Spillman, Hepatology Dietician, Addenbrooke's Hospital

                                   Developing a healthy lifestyle intervention for people after liver

                                   transplant  and 

                                   Dr Fotini Kalogiron, The effects of a computer assisted                                                     intervention on the quality of  life and self care of patients with                                       heart failure.


July 19                       Rocio Fernandez Mendez, RN,PhD,Neurosciences

                                   GlyCon Study: Glycaemic control of stress hyperglycaemia in

                                   intensive care units


August ... ... ... summer break


September 20            Claire Adams, Severe insulin resistance and diabetes nurse.

                                    and Senior research nurse, Addenbrooke's Hospital

                                    Developing an intervention to reduce appearance-related

                                    distress for people living with lipodystrophy or

                                    segmental overgrowth disorder


October 18                  Dr Sarah Chaney, RCN Audience Engagement Manager, RCN &

                                    Sharon Weldon, UCL

                                    From Time Travelling Operating Theatres to the Krypton Factor:

                                     How to engage new audiences with nursing & AHP research


November 15             Professor Patricia Schofield, Anglia Ruskin University

                                    Centre for Future Ageing, and Deputy Dean for Research,

                                    From pain nurse specialist to research group leader


December ... ... winter break


Monthly meetings 2016


February           24th    Gillian Gatiss

                                    Improving the clinical assessment of factors influencing 

                                      nutritional status in patients with liver cirrhosis

                                      to allow nutritional treatment to be individualised



March                16th   Andrea Edwards

                                    The Impact of Noise in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

                                   Ian Wellwood

                                     Cambridge University Clinical Nursing Research Group update  


April                   20th    Biljana Brezina

                                       IMMUNO-LUPUS pilot study” proposed PhD project plans



May                    18th  Guest speaker: Nicky Lambert

                                      Associate Professor, University of Middlesex

                                      Mental Health Research



June                   15th  Applying for research funding

Several CNiR group members and other local nurses and AHPs have  recently applied for funding through various channels – National Institute of Health Research and charity funding schemes for personal research fellowships, research project grants and smaller-scale evaluations.  Are you wondering where to begin and what is involved? 

Come and hear Frances Early, Gillian Gatiss, Alex Malyon and others sharing their experiences of the process and a few lessons learnt along the way.  No questions too basic!



July                    20th   Opportunities for research projects linked to clinical roles

                               Communication in Intensive Care -  

                                      Petra Polgarova outlines how an internship through the

                                        National Insitute of Health Research/Health Education England

                                        Clinical Academic Internship was an opportunity to

                                        work on a research project "My ICU Voice"


                              Evidence based approach to inpatient diabetes management

                                     Andrea Lake, Diabetes Specialist Nurse / Lead Diabetes

                                Research Nurse, outlines her Masters research project



August               17th    * summer break *


September         21st     Dementia Care in the Hospital 

                                     Guest Speaker: Dr Helen Courtney- Pratt

                                      University of Tasmania, Australia  

                                      Helen's research focus on self-management of chronic diseases

                                      by community nurses and dementia care provision

                                      within acute healthcare settings.  She will be talking to us about

                                      her work with people living with dementia in hospital.


October             19th  Nurse Led Chronic Disease Management

                                     Guest speaker: Dr Gerry Lee

                                     Senior Lecturer, King’s College London

                                        Gerry’s research focuses on cardiovascular disease, chronic

                                        disease management and nurse-led care, and she is currently

                                        advanced practice programme lead at KCL


November         16th     Jane Elliott, Clinical Project Manager, Papworth Hospital:

Research Training Opportunities at Papworth

Annika Bratt, NCCU research nurse, Addenbrooke’s, will outline

a study she worked on in Sweden:Further development of a generic

postoperative recovery profile instrument, specifically targeting

recovery after coronary artery bypass grafting


December         21st      * Christmas break *



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